If you are experiencing issues with your back, shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists or headaches that make it difficult or even prevent you from doing the things you normally do on a daily basis, it may be time for you to make an appointment!

Many times these issues are not severe enough where they may require surgery or medical intervention, but they do affect you enough that removing these issues would greatly improve your life. 

Ideally, you would also come see me to avoid having these problems and to keep your body moving the way it should.

All of the joints in the body are meant to move within a normal range of motion. My job is to ensure that every joint is moving properly; a job best done before you begin to experience problems which prevent you from normal activity with regular maintenance care.

I will listen to you, and do the best I can to make sure you are comfortable with your visit. I will determine what I can do for you within the scope of my knowledge and abilities to help you get back to your way of life without being restricted by movement.  

Sometines, just one adjustment will greatly improve your life! Let's discover the right plan for you...schedule some time with me to see if I may be able to help! 

Click on the link to my Facebook page if you would like to schedule an appointment online or call 1-309-317-9996.

 If my hours do not match your schedule I always am happy to try to schedule something outside my normal hours when needed. 


Your first appointment will last about 30-40 minutes. This appointment will include filling out the office intake forms and your initial exam. The initial exam is primarily an assessment of how your joints are moving and determining which areas are not moving the way they would be expected to. This first visit is also your time to inform me of any concerns or issues you want to see improved. We will also talk about the reason for your visit, what you expect from your visit, and what you expect from seeing a Chiropractor. This is where we can make sure I know what you need, if I can take care of the issue.  and you can decide if we are a good match.   

Unless there is a strong indication I should not adjust someone on their first visit (such as if I believe you have a serious injury or fracture that needs the attention of a Medical Doctor) with your permission, I will adjust you at your first visit after the initial exam.

Each visit also includes heat and trigger point therapy. Trigger point therapy is a manual therapy where soft tissues along the spine are stretched and tight spots found so they can be further relieved using pressure and heat which helps loosen them and also makes the adjusting often easier.

After the heat and trigger point therapy I will typically adjust the spine and sacroiliac joints as needed, and then check and adjust the extremities as needed. I may do some moderate stretching of various joints at this time or other points in the process as needed. With permission, I may apply a product such as Biofreeze to areas that are tender or painful before or after the adjusting to help.

WHat to expect

Chiropractic is a very diverse field which gives the patient the ability to find one that will work the best for their issue.

As a Chiropractor, I am primarily concerned with the joints of your body all moving within their normal ranges of motion and that they are free of pain.  This includes the spine and also the extremities such as the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles.

Ensuring the proper and pain free movement of all these joints allows the surrounding tissues to also be free from the irritation and pain that may be caused when one of the joints of your body is not moving properly.

This process also helps the nervous system that travels within the spine and comes out of it from between the joints of spinal bones. It is important for the nervous system to function without the interference of surrounding soft tissue irritation and swelling caused by those joints of the spine being misaligned or not moving properly.

 I also am concerned with proper posture and movements of the body through ones daily routines, as issues may be detected during your exam that may also cause muscular and biomechanical issues leading to joint mobility issues.   

What is Chiropractic?

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